Health, Technology, and Engineering

HTE@USC: An interdisciplinary program in Engineering and Medicine

Program Details

Upon graduation from HTE@USC, you will be uniquely prepared to create new devices and methods to improve the health of patients and the quality of healthcare delivery. You will also have begun lifelong relationships with a select group of medical students and faculty who will be your contacts and collaborators for future projects. Our graduates look at healthcare with critical eyes, thinking of ways to make processes and devices better. Most importantly, you will have the practical experience to know how to work with teams of experts to accomplish this, so that your career will have magnified impact on more patients benefiting from the technologies and methods you develop.

While the MD and PhD curricula overlap on core components, coursework, timelines and schedules will diverge and vary from student-to-student. For this reason, the teams formed to design solutions for specific problems will be an important means of maintaining continuity within each year’s group of HTE students – both while students and afterwards.

Students are required to take two years of classes, coursework includes hands on exercises, workshops, field research, prototype development, testing plans, business development and implementation. HTE@USC’s resources include an extensive list of contacts and support teams to ensure project and student success.

If you are interested in learning more about the HTE Graduate Certificate program or you are curious about courses with a significant component of project work in healthcare settings, please watch this HTE@USC Information Video