Health, Technology, and Engineering

HTE@USC: An interdisciplinary program in Engineering and Medicine

Digital Health

D-Health aims to provide a rapid prototyping and testing environment for the USC entrepreneurship community focused on healthcare information technology. A major goal: reduce the cost, time and complexity of developing healthcare platforms and applications that would improve overall medical care. D-Health partners with the Keck Health system and affiliate medical providers to build Health IT solutions to solve the pressing problems the hospitals face.

Keck Medical Center promotes strategies and technologies to improve health care quality and access so as to provide exceptional health care that is personalized, compassionate and innovative. However, there are several barriers to healthcare innovation which can slow progress down. D-Health removes these barriers to innovation and frees us to tackle challenges in hospitals. We connect USC clinicians, hospital administrators, with industry partners to develop three or more applications a year. Using lean methodologies, we take our applications from concept to pilot to implementation in a cost and time effective manner. D-Health Innovation events focus on digital health & entrepreneurship.


D-Health empowers talented, driven healthcare entrepreneurs to turn concepts into viable products.

Developing new technologies to solve problems within the hospital is challenging and comes with its own unique set of hurdles. To succeed in healthcare innovation, we need to help entrepreneurs to understand these challenges and tackle them effectively.

D-Health works with up to 2 startups every year. Upon entering the program, startups receive mentorship from health executives, clinicians, veteran entrepreneurs, and digital health investors. This includes help on technical challenges such as product development, HIPAA infrastructure, and compliance platforms. We also provide qualified startups the ability to test and validate technologies through pilots at USC. Our partnership with the Keck Health System provides startups with unique exposure to the challenges and realities of solving real healthcare problems.

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