Health, Technology, and Engineering

HTE@USC: An interdisciplinary program in Engineering and Medicine

Events and Workshops

HTE@USC Health Technology and Public Policy: Finding the Middle Ground: HTE@USC partnered with Health 2.0  in August 2017 to bring together USC faculty, policy experts, entrepreneurs and clinicians working with patients and providers on the front lines to discuss what digital health companies need to know about the changing policy landscape and how the tech industry be a part of the critical conversation about policy.


HTE@USC Digital Health Innovation Series: The Summer 2017 event featured Dr. Rohit Varma, MD the Dean of The Keck School of Medicine of USC and The Grace and Emery Beardsley Chair in Ophthalmology conversed with David Lee, a former Google executive who for several years ran the seed-stage venture fund SV Angel, but now has his own firm which is apparently targeting $50 million for its debut fund. We discussed digital health, healthcare technology, entrepreneurship and strategies for implementation.


Getting IT Done @ Keck: Drafting an Unofficial Guide for enabling information technology innovations in USC’s health care system. Produced in partnership: Health and Technology & Engineering Program (HTE@USC), Center for Health System Innovation, Keck Medicine of USC (CHSI) and The USC Viterbi School of Engineering.


HTE@USC Digital Health Innovation Series : The Fall 2016 event featured a conversation between Tom Jackiewicz, CEO of Keck Medicine of USC, and Rohit Gupta, Managing Director of Big Sur Ventures (Counsyl, Palantir, Biomeme). Discussion provided perspective on investment trends, fast-growing companies, and how to further unlock innovation in academia.


HTE@USC, HSIC, CHSI: Delivering “Beyond exceptional medicine” via Engineering: A Theme-Focused Technology Workshop to initiate clinically driven projects : Moderated by Dr. George Tolomiczenko and Dr. Carol Peden; Keck hospital and CHLA clinicians and engineers came together to discuss 4 challenges in today’s healthcare: (1) Identifying and rapidly treating unexpected high-risk/high-urgency situations on the inpatient service. (2) Creating processes for members of clinical care teams to easily make cost-effective treatment decisions when patient care is not impacted. (3) Improving inpatient clinical care team communication for complex patients and (4) Improving patient experience for outpatient clinic, lab, and radiology visits. Speakers and Panelists included: Dr. Stephanie Hall, Dr. Rahul Jain, Sanaaz Massoumi, Felipe Orsono, Dr. Greg Placencia, Dr. Dhanireddy, Tomio Daumit, Matthew Nicholson, Marientina Gotsis, Char Ryan, Jaime Levy.


HTE@USC, CTIP and CHLA:  ER Pediatric Needs Workshop – November 2015: The aim of this workshop is to help HTE@USC students practice their skills at recognizing and articulating needs in a setting ripe with possibilities. This workshop also helps CHLA develop a long list of Emergency Department (ED) needs. Students have the opportunity to meet ED clinicians, observe and take notes in the HTE@USC Inventor notebook to identify and gather relevant information about needs. Working with ED staff members, students create a list of roughly outlined and articulate the top three needs to increase potential solution bandwidth while using observations and clinician feedback to focus on the underlying need.


HTE@USC, USC Center for Body Computing, USC Institute for Creative Technologies & IEEE Standards Association: Hacking Virtual Medicine Event #USCmedVRhackathon – October 2015 : A weekend of brainstorming and building innovative solutions with like-minded engineers, clinicians, designers, developers and business visionaries as we hack medicine and see what extraordinary new possibilities come to life. We’ve already seen VR’s effective uses for years in training, diagnosing, and treating medical conditions, with examples including exposure therapy, PTSD treatment, pain management, and surgical training. Virtual Reality has brought a new personal level of interaction to communication and immersion in our lives already, having endless implications in the rapidly evolving digital health space.


HTE@USC, CTIP and CHLA:  NICCU- Pediatric Needs APP Workshop – March 2015: First year HTE@USC students were asked to shadow clinicians in CHLA patient areas in order to recognize and articulate needs in a setting ripe with possibility for solutions – NICCU. CHLA clinicians were encouraged to comment, provide input and share information on the relative importance of different needs. Students spent time shadowing clinicians  and observing patient areas the NICU and took notes to identify and gather relevant information about needs. Students and clinicians discussed app possibilities, the future of wearable’s in healthcare, efficacy of data collected from wearable’s/apps to healthcare providers and patients.


HTE@USC and The USC mHealth Collaboratory Project Match mhealth Speed Dating Event – March 2015: This event is organized by the USC mHealth Collaboratory, HTE@USC and iMED: Bringing together researchers and partners from across USC and beyond to lead advances in mHealth research, well being and health care through mobile strategies. USC Students have the opportunity to pitch research to find experts to join teams, find mHealth/Health Tech research projects and get involved, learn what’s cutting edge in mHealth and HTS@USC and form teams with students, postdocs and mentors from Health Sciences, Medicine, Social Work, Creative Technologies, Cinema, Marshall, Viterbi, Keck and Dornsife. The mHealth/Health Tech Project Themes might include, but are not limited to: Digital Health, Newborn and Infant Critical Care Unit (NICCU), Mental Health, Obesity and Chronic Disease, Aging and Place, Orthopedics


D-Health Lab Ribbon Cutting Event – February 2015 HTE@USC’s D-Health Lab, a new healthcare innovation lab developed in collaboration between the Viterbi School of Engineering and the Keck School of Medicine. D-Health will empower some of USC’s brightest minds to use digital technologies to tackle healthcare’s vexing challenges. Student entrepreneurs and other USC community members will gain access to educational programming, proprietary technology, mentorship and expertise from the USC health system.


HTE@USC and The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery: The Orthopaedic Workshop: participatory workshop focused on orthopedic needs articulation and preliminary solution concepts – December 2014: The goals of this workshop are to explore orthopaedic innovations to advance the care of the orthopedic surgery and musculoskeletal care and discuss solutions in patient and clinician experience including preparation and recovery process following surgery. This workshop included student presentations, Orthopaedic faculty input, collaborative exercises between faculty and students aimed to launch ongoing projects and featured Keynote speaker Dr. Aenor Sawyer, UCSF Departments of Orthopedics and Digital Health Innovation.


HTE@USC – Electronic Health Records Workshop Series – October 2014 Challenges with the current EHR: The HTE@USC Electronic Health Record (EHR) Workshop Series brought together clinicians, engineers and hospital administrators to discuss the challenges of innovation in the healthcare services. Participants posed many questions about data ownership, security and privacy, and effective gains in efficiency and care quality. This workshop covered a variety of the central topics; which included system implementation for the filling, query and process of EHRs, including innovative interfaces with users (mobile, tactil, tablet) and medical devices, data mining algorithms over EHR collections and available public domain EHR data for research.


HTE@USC – Electronic Health Records Workshop Series – May 2014 Designing for the User Experience: This workshop brought together a group of clinicians and engineers to work towards identification of the most important initial EHR projects for testing and demonstration. Together, we want to improve the health of patients and the efficiency of the healthcare system. Some of the critical requirements identified for progress are test datasets, software development environments, and feasible methods for testing new EHR technology within hospital or clinic settings.


HTE@USC and The Department of Radiology of the Keck School of Medicine: of Integrating Advances in Imaging and Engineering Technologies: A Theme-Focused Technology Collaboration – March 2014: This workshop was organized around needs articulated by clinicians and refined by students working to bring engineering faculty and students who can offer fresh ideas to the Department of Radiology. The workshop inspired and launched interdisciplinary teams to work on projects to develop solutions to address these needs enabled by advances in imaging and engineering technologies. The workshop fostered new links between engineering and radiology via solution-focused application of engineering perspectives, tools and devices. The workshop’s resulting “Technological Roadmap” will feature students driving an iterative process linking clinical needs with creative and attuned solutions offered from an engineering perspective. Collaboration and mentoring to facilitate success of these interdisciplinary approaches to addressing clinical needs are core functions of the Health, Technology, and Engineering Program at USC.          


This section includes a listing of outreach activities and past events organized or co-hosted by HTE@USC (listed in left navigation panel) in addition to information on future events. Ideas for future events are always welcome via email to To learn about the program, you can view the following vimeo shorts:

EPISODE 1. Engineering and medical students train and innovate side-by-side.

@USC: Breaking Ground from USC Viterbi on Vimeo.

EPISODE 2. Students talk about their experiences in the program.

HTE@USC: Meet the Students from USC Viterbi on Vimeo.

EPISODE 3. Students develop their medical interviewing skills through practice with actors simulating patients.

HTE@USC: Practice Patients from USC Viterbi on Vimeo.

EPISODE 4. Students pick one product-based solution for challenges they’ve observed in the health care system and pitch it to their peers and tech transfer staff.

HTE@USC: Picking and Pitching from USC Viterbi on Vimeo.

Health, Technology and Engineering (HTE@USC) is a four year graduate certificate program through the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and the Keck School of Medicine of USC that pairs medical and engineering students for project-focused training and collaboration. The program’s goal is to create the most effective and efficient solutions to real-world healthcare problems by fostering understanding across both fields. The HTE@USC Web series follows students in their first year of the program and was produced in-house by our staff and team of student workers.